About payments 10 000 rubles by persons with disabilities of the first group.

Finally, our deputies paid attention to social justice. That in our country, in addition to families with children, there are other groups of people affected by the current situation. The conversation in the Duma was conducted on our disabled people. For which life passes with a mass of restrictions and financial expenses.

Group of deputies made an initiative

As begins, the government adopted a document for consideration, but not yet supported. Conscribing to the fact that financing payments will be from the federal budget, in which this money is not laid. I will say as the author of this article, sometimes there is a completely different thing when the funds are miraculously are at all aimless events.

Previously defined

I spent the survey for information, how much is the care for hiring for underlying patients. Yes, this work, if you hire a person in a person, in our Kuban, in a small town paid

I really hope that the government has enough conscience and to support the disabled, and not just to increase their salaries. Like pensioners. In our time, the pensioner and the disabled, unfortunately now, identical concepts. People lost their health in harmful production, working on the country, not yet on capitalism. And they just need to help at this difficult time.

What do you think? Need help disabled and retirees? Or are they so sufficient payments? Write in the comments. And yet, the more people talk about it, the more public opinion change and listen to us. I’m right? Like, subscription!