Applications Face App and Pokemon Go.

Only the scandalous situations with a new application-game Pokemon Go, when thousands of people, even on secret objects, tried to catch a virtual hero, a new scandal broke out.

The American senator urged to ban a new Face App application. Thousands of people around the world downloading the application, could look at their processed photos, for example, how they will look like in ancient times. And these are popular actors, artists, politicians and ordinary people. All if nothing. Only the first application of the United States, the second of Russia.

All applications receive from the user full access to personal information and it is definitely possible to use data for intelligence purposes. Such programs will track the structures of any technologically developed countries. And we understand that restrictions are necessary. And this is the security of the country.

Russian IT companies recently presented software recognition software. It has proven high-quality work and Chinese colleagues have been interested in it. The Face App application has become a new step in this direction. Pretty high-quality transformation of your photo, studying small details of the face.

For ordinary people, the work of the polls of the world remains secretly behind the seven seals. All we know about this is a world cinema, in which technologies are truly introduced by alien. We believe in it badly. But the real world is simple and all the electronics, which we own both our friend and the enemy. I will even say more tolerantly — a detractor.

Are these two applications in the US and Russia’s intelligence applications? My opinion is that there is no. But the tool, like social networks, can be.