As DNA, the analysis of born children and their parents will be able to keep families

Conversations in the press and on television of broken families continue constantly and sometimes become the main topics with the negatives of all the details. Under this hammer, not only ordinary people fall, but also the stars of cinema, pop. And we are forced evenings to become participants in the next television disassembly. Who, who and how many times betrayed in the family. By the way, giving an oath of loyalty when registering a marriage.

As statistics says

I assume that the decline in divorces was not caused by an opportunity to arrange a divorce, since many organizations worked with restrictions. Then, real statistics can be traced for the second half of 2020. But it turns out, no more than 2019. Despite the support of the state of families with the children of a burst of fertility caused by the homemade mode of life of a whole country in 2021, is also not expected.

I do not want to give any experiments of foreign countries. There, the situation is far from ideals. The achievement was the deprivation of spouses in general some sex identity, the introduction of the concept of «Parent one», «Parent two». But one thing is clear, the correct stabilization of family relations is necessary at the state level. Of course, together with the solution of the economic situation in the country.

In my opinion, to remove one of the factors of divorces and the causes of these divorces themselves, perhaps now. It is known that spouses in marriage do not always keep faithful to each other, do not allow the permissible lifestyle. These liberty are becoming a norm of life. And it would seem, there are no opportunities to lead to normal. As we used to, family is a cell of society. Do not agree? Prove the opposite!

So, one of the conditions that the spouses can make the right lifestyle, without hypocrisy, betrace and deceptions, can be a mandatory DNA test of a born child and their parents. Do you tell me, will it lead to an even greater number of divorces? Perhaps. But only the spouses do not realize that it actually happens. What are the real values in family life.

I think the rampant of the union relationship on the side is significantly reduced. These are the figures from a foreign researcher of the family relations of Robin Baker. Exploring the biomaterials of 5,000 married British from 30 to 40 years, he found out. About 11 percent of children do not belong to their spouses. And the most interesting, they did not even know about it. Did you deserve such attitudes to them, forced to educate other people’s children?

Short-term communication «for health» or «could not (could) restrain,» become the norm now. And as you know, at the hypocrisy, the family never kept and will not exist. Anyway, the empty attitude towards someone else’s senses will return to boomerang. So it is better to immediately put everything in the framework of honest observance of marital loyalty. And that men never doubt their paternity.

I am sure that the awareness of this that the child will radically change the relationship inside the family for a man. These eternal charges of women in the treasures will stop, and such programs that these problems now discuss these problems will simply disappear.