As in the US, the issue of visiting cinemas during restrictions

I am faced with the problem of not working in Russia the cinemas recently. There was a television advertising of the Russian fantastic blockbuster «Goalkeeper Galaxy» and I, as a very interested in film fantasics, the viewer rushed straight into a cinema. I wrote about this on another channel in the article

However, in the American social network Reddit, I saw a post about how in the United States came out of the provision in the form of famous restrictions. Company

In total, 150 dollars a family or group of friends will be able to remove the entire cinema and enjoy a calm and safe film view. Cinema in their own disposal, they can sit down from each other or all together. But even this gives work and employment to cinema staff, and people do not lag behind the film and at the same time not to have multiple contacts with other people.

Former head of the company

According to Taylor, for a small family, the amount of $ 150 is certainly large. But if relatives from 10 people gather, then expenses are already distributed proportionally. Almost as much cinemas are taken for food and drinks for the audience, which serves staff in masks. This allows people not to worry about the strangers and a filled cinema. As you know, in the US, the situation with famous events is heavy.

You can reserve the cinema via the Internet. After ordering, each viewer of the group receives a link where it can choose for itself a place number, as well as choose the movie itself, both new hits and old. The company has an interesting company. She had already differed earlier in advanced food delivery solutions, as well as in full ban on mobile communications in the halls. Creating comfort for the viewer.

Many kinosets have already become interested in this experience. Perhaps we think in Russia you think about how you can apply the same solutions to Russian life. It all depends on the dismissions of network management, how to get out of the position and securely provide people service. Only I am afraid in Russia a completely different reality. We love to abide by paper orders, without searching for the release. Even if it finally achieves the movie industry.

Although no, sit in place and implement recommendations. And there the state will flow from our taxes of subsidies and everything will twist everything, turns out. We used to choose such a way. I really hope for your comments on the article, let’s discuss the topic. As always like, repost and subscription!