As Russia is imposed on artificial products.

Perhaps everyone is now installed on a smartphone app from Sberbank-online. Conveniently, any calculations are always at hand, as however, when connected in the application service. This is for those who decided to work as self-employed. You can take payments from private and legal entities, writing checks, conducting a report and accept payments to the Sberbank virtual card.

It would seem that good intentions for our convenience and time savings. However, as they say good intentions. I did not expect to see the newsletter in the application for the service connected to the service, such an advertising post. Its essence, in promoting Western technology to replace the meat products of cattle and other animals to artificial. Which is grown from stem cells.

It is proposed to pay attention to startups in the market of artificial meat. That this niche in our country is not yet busy. The conclusions are given that pastures bring damage to nature, as they occupy 30% of the useful sushi, which animals, like cars create a greenhouse effect and in percentages it is about 18%. I read this text I even began to expect the inclusion of the planet’s human population here. And suddenly, we are also disadvantageous in nature.

The most interesting thing is immediately provided information that the industry leader, Beyond Meat already supplies such breakthrough products in Pizza Hut and KFC. At the end of the post, recommendations are given how to start a business, each item under the check mark. It turns out that the artificial product is not only promising, but also useful because more calorie. Strange, because it is with extra calories mankind and fights now.

Do you remember how many farms were in the USSR? Their cozovs still have not yet disassembled bricks in many villages and villages of the country. At that time, there were a lot of them and we didn’t even approach the volume of production. And nothing, nature did not suffer, but even won. Hundreds of tons of manure fertilized Soviet fields, allowing us to do without harmful fertilizers. Now, we are offered to finally destroy real animal husbandry.

And replace everything with a non-understandable biomass. It is bad that in Russia there are no departments dealing with invasion issues in our society of alien and harmful ideas, technologies. This is how if the father in the family had allowed his daughter to do everything that she would be recommended a pimpled classmate. This, in the end, will not lead. What do you think my dear readers? Bad or good will be the development of these technologies in production for our country?

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