As the Chinese have become civilizational copiers

Most sensible people with suspicion include all Chinese, including the history of this country. It is no secret that China has been collected literally from pieces not the Chinese themselves, and their northern neighbors of Manchuri, who captured China in the XVII century and created a new dynasty of Qing, which existed without any changes to 1913, that is, more than two and a centuries.

And why wild, in fact, the Mongols managed so quickly and effectively seize the huge China? Yes, because he was fragmented and did not constitute a single country. Well, about how rus to Ivan III or Germany to Bismarck, or Italy to Garibaldi. All this was very easy to conquer, because with the Chinese Thairs still. But it was difficult to combine it all to rule in the created empire for a long time and sneakly.

But the most interesting is that Europeans have helped in this Mongola — Spanish and Portuguese monks-Jesuit, who shortly before it embroidered from Japan for numerous crimes related to the plantation of Christianity in the country of the Rising Sun. Let’s not forget what the Jesuites became famous in Europe, this is just such an approach to religion to the Japanese and did not like.

The Japanese forbade Christianity and advised Europeans to get away, for example, to China. So, Jesuits literally filled in China and began to help the Mongols to combine the country. True, Mongols were also against China’s Christianization, but here they faced a threat to the capture of the country with the Russians, who at this point began to penetrate into it from the north, from the Amur, and often even more active than the Mongols.

It was a very serious threat, because the Russians usually acted in gradually, and so they could grab the most delicious pieces from China. Then the Jesuita and advised the new «Chinese» emperor to rewrite the history of China to quickly unite the peoples scattered before the new threat from the north and prevent China’s sections on new features.

In general, the story is the famous — Manchuri destroyed all the old Chinese books, and the monks helped them write a new, greater story, stretching deep into centuries for many thousands of years. And in this story there were many of all emperors-bands, who allegedly two thousand years in a row were constantly creating «single China», simply some conquerors, they say, it was also constantly disconnected.

If you do not like Nasovsky and Fomenko, then believe me at least their conclusions, as Jesuits wrote the history of China for the tracing of the Roman Empire. Events, heroes, rulers of a man or a woman, all fastened. The scheme of the actions of the rulers, dynasties, everything is identical to the cart. So, Manchuri called upon various nations of the country faster to unite to withstand a new threat — Russian.

At the same time, the Mongols stressed in every way that they themselves are not conquering, since allegedly the same as the remaining Chinese. And in this, of course, it was not difficult to believe the most illiterate (and even illiterate) to the Chinese, which were constantly poked in the history of China, written by Europeans.

Naturally, the mass of all sorts of «archaeological artifacts», emphasizing the «party line» and forced the Chinese to unite as soon as possible. And the Mongols managed it perfectly, since they corrected China for more than 200 years without any problems. Feel the parallel and here, with the Romanov dynasty and their Norman theory in Russia.

In exactly the same way, the Soviet Bolsheviks went after them, forced to unite the USSR against external enemies, and which in much more difficult conditions ruled as many as 70 years. Just in the era of the Board of Manchov and there were all the fairy tales about the thousands of united China «and the mass of all sorts of» inventions «, which the Chinese have made over these thousands of years, ahead of Europeans and in general, all other civilizations.

But for some reason, today these Chinese can not do not invent something new, but also to master the old. It is no secret that today China has gained economic power not by his mythical technologies, but exclusively by the production of popular popularity worldwide.

In the same way, during the Second World War, and before Argentina has become one of the leading economies of the world, lining this world with cotton. The war ended — and all the power of Argentina blurted out at one moment. China is also waiting for China, when it is over the boom on its consumer goods. The proof of the above words should be indicated that the current Chinese space program holds only on Soviet and Russian technologies.

And not only space, military. The whole technique is alteration and renaming Soviet and then Russian military equipment. The Chinese are supplied by almost all the nodes in which they themselves are forbidden to dig, so the entire program is supervised exclusively Russian specialists so that Chinese friends accidentally do not smoke the secrets.

The same applies to aviation with shipbuilding and weapons — well, the Chinese cannot invent complex technological components and durable materials. And only soapmotes can produce. In general, the moral of this fable is such — everything is connected with China and is presented in the exaltory plan, is a common face.

This applies to both the «ancient» history of China and the abilities of the Chinese to inventions. The Chinese even Mao Zedong could not be invented with a human face, and what to talk about space missiles and other nano-technologies? You want despite this to argue, but the Chinese have a computer, mobile machinery, clothes, cars.

We now go to all this and go, we use. We use, because many of our Russian guys are engaged in developments for China. Yes, and Europeans. How many patents for the invention are bought around the world or simply copied. And a little historical fact. In the hands of the ancient Chinese there was such a powerful tool like gunpowder.

But with his help, they did not even think of becoming great conquerors, before which they could fall all the states of that time. Something like that!