As the population of Russian cities under democratic genocide decreased

The population of Russia and the rest of the world was always a mystery to me. If we want to give an example of the largest population growth in the world, we always give China or India. January 2020

However, there is a small snag, the population so rapidly increased all over the 20th and early 21st century. And now the most interesting thing is to achieve such a number of people. Each Chinese woman or Indian should have been given up about 100 children. What is clear, not really. Something actually happens, a complete mystery.

I often watch the research program, writer Andrei Tyunayev. A lot of reasonable things can be heard from his mouth or read in his multiple books. And recently, he in his roller led an example of increasing and loss of the population in large Russian cities. It leads real, documentary statistics, which is confirmed officially.

According to her, since 1820, a significant increase in population began to be observed in Russia. These are the statistics of cities in Central Russia. It does not say, but I think the bulk of the population was the peasantry who arrived in the city. There are no speech about this in statistics. But these are my assumptions. Next, there are even more interesting facts.

A small loss of the city’s population has been observed in civil. Perhaps this is not even dead, and people who left the country or who moved to the village, where it was better to feed. Again, the decline in the northern cities was less. But, even more interesting fact for the period of the Great Patriotic War.

This period did not at all affect the loss of the population in the cities. I have an assumption why. The majority of loss during the war could fall on the rural population, which is not in this statistic. Cities, after again go to growth. And the same trend continues until the restructuring period and the beginning of democracy.

And here is already in the cities, with the onset of democracy, such a decline of the population, which was not during the civil and great domestic, begins. People disappear in the number of small cities and district centers,

According to the writer and journalist Andrei Tyunayev, this population gain is connected with the arrival of labor migrants, and not with natural population growth. By the way, I recommend you to see his video clip, where full statistics are given so that I do not duplicate it.

As you can see in the table loss and the increase in the population of Russia in 2019 only in the last column there is an increase. And this is in small national republics. The rest of Russia in the drawdown. By the way, the loss of the population is already really felt. Especially in my provincial city.

I think, in connection with the situation is now in the world, this amount will grow even more significant. It is definitely that no steps to support the family, payments for the birth of the first and second child, the situation is not corrected. And programs with the import of migrants will only lead to the substitution of the indigenous population.

It happens all the same, with a small difference as in Europe. The indigenous population is placed in such a position that it is simply not reproduced in due quantity. There are other nations in their place. Whoever directs this process is another question. And he is no less interesting.

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