As the talent of the Basta made from Rostov hooligan dollar millionaire

Become popular

The artist listened to Cassette and called Baste, with a request to sell him one of the songs. Vasily to take money for the work did not, and delighted that his work was evaluated, presented Bogdan Track. In response, the Titomir, invited the entire Vaculenko team to Moscow.
The Basta had no money even by taxi, but he still could not miss such a chance. On the first evening, Bogdan did not take the phone, and Vasily decided that he was simply divorced. However, the next morning, the Titomyr himself called back and invited a guy to the studio. So started career Basta.
Vasily’s songs immediately loved public. Soon Vaculenko divided his creativity into two pseudonyms. Under the name

Basta was ready to go to the registry office already after the first date, but Lena did not want to rush: there was an unsuccessful experience. The potential mother-in-law also did not approve the marriage, believing that Vasily simply plays her daughter. But the time and actions of the Basta showed both women that he is tuned seriously. Young people painted and married. During the matrimonial life of Vasily and Lena born two daughters —

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