As the United States tries to privatize the moon

Money loves silence and so under the silence of the world press, busy with viral problems, the President of the United States decided to privatize our overall night shine — the moon. Signed a decree that secured the right to master the resources of the lunar body. That’s the news!

It would be scary if our President Putin would have issued such a decree. It seems to me that all over the world would immediately have forgotten for viral problems. But, that they do not forgive us, forgive US. And the first who reacted to this world disgrace was of course our country.

I had guesses, as an ordinary tourist, which is the current, severe situation in the world, some states can use in their favor. And what, you won’t get out with the picket. So silently, sitting in front of the TV screen, humanity will swallow this information under the next sandwich.

However, the question arises, after most likely the fake facing Americans on the moon, still in the last century and the absence of new flights, already in a more developed technological time, what do you really need to our partners from the night shone? Just declare your rights? Or distract the attention of Americans from a difficult situation in their country?

As far as I can judge according to the information known to me, humanity could not overcome the main problem of manned flights beyond the limits of land. Space radiation, merciless and fatal for humans. Who is interested in space, at least at the amateur level, is familiar with this main problem.

The Earth protects astronauts from cosmic radiation that do not leave the Earth orbit. Another thing, deep space. So, learning, even on the perspective, the lunar surface is possible only by automatic devices. But the Americans are not the first to do.

We all know how Alaska sold by the United States for a scentual, first did not interest anyone while gold was found there. So now, this decree of Trump hopes to push through, under the peace of the world community, occupied by the preservation of his lives. But we know that American legislation is sometimes considered to be a global decision.

Perhaps in the coming days, someone in Europe, offended by «pirated» actions on the privatization of other medical subjects, will say timidly his word. The tramp was definitely liked, the essence of privatization itself. But besides Russia for universal, international heritage will stand up to anyone else.

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