As we were substituted with housing and communal services.

He went to the people with the question.

It turns out that the Russians are permission to temporarily make payments for which the penalty will not be accrued, they perceived as an installation at all do not pay for these months. But this is unreal. We are not Georgia, where they really canceled the accrual of payments for this period. All wines climate and relevant costs of maintaining Russian networks.

And what we get in the end. Forgive us the bills formed for the period of home seating no one will be. Since, for this money contains a large army of the service personnel, ranging from the janitor, locksmith and people of other destinations. Compensate? Not yet heard. But the question of this can get up, as debts accumulated good.

It is realistic to expect judicial affairs on not payments and how you correctly or not correctly understood how you need to pay, no one will excite. Ruthless, state debt return machine will be launched. But the people here are a pity, not in their will, they were forced to sit without money and consume heat, water, gas, electricity. This is how the situation was also formed.

In order not to exacerbate the neglected situation, I hope the smallest way to exit the position will be taken. From these summer months to pay as usual, and the insulating months are divided into parts, with repayment to the winter period. Without judicial appeals. It would be a reasonable way out. But as it will be done in real life, whether they will want to get everything and immediately, it is worth only to assume.

What do you think about it? I hope you understood correctly that you still need to pay? Write comments. Like, subscription!