Attempting for the light, the familiar came out as a joke

It seems to me that we create difficulties themselves. We either do something and how, and if we take, it happens. Have you paid now, in quarantine utilities? For example, electricity. Perhaps you did it online. You are lucky. You’ve been lucky if you have money left for this.

My friend, let’s call her faith, a woman is intelligent and already in retirement age, decided to go to his passenger car and pay electricity. Do not worry, it has already issued all the necessary skipping. Cottage demanded attention and care and whether it face animated, was clearly outraged, as in the sowing season it was abandoned, for the sake of some self-insulation.

Having arrived at the central office of official electricity suppliers in our city, faith closing the car, entered a large foyer of the office, where payment was made. Unfortunately, entered without a mask. The hall was empty and only about ten girls operators were sitting at their workplaces behind glass partitions.

Vera regretted the girls forced even in the absence of customers to sit in respiratory masks. All day breathe through the mask badly ventilated air. But I could see soon.

Girls, I have wet wipes, I can cover your face. Since you have so strictly — I answered faith, trying to do this operation.

The manager said he would help solve this problem and soon put a mask on the street and a bottle with an antiseptic. Faith dressed a mask, managing generous hand poured into an antiseptic. The smell of all the famous fluid stood such that at the time it was to ask the cucumber and preferably low-power. And here it is, the long-awaited ticket office and payment for electricity.

Already coming out of the room, the faith began to beat the thoughts, with all the visitors it happens to such or simply the employees who have enhanced without work decided to enjoy this way. But no, the conclusion was still alone. We all try to reinstate, so that sometimes everything comes to the absurdity. And as the author of this article immediately remembered the anecdote.

Two in masks went to the bank. Visitors tense and began to look alarmingly. Two said: — This is a robbery, to stay on the ground! Visitors relieved relief and raised their hands.