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Teachers will probably support me in the sense as we have the process of learning children with the help of online technology. Parents and teachers swear. Children are ready to sit at school by day, only if not at home, where everyone has a computer or tablet. Yes, and teachers do not all own electronic technology. So maybe a good deed digitalization to develop technology and make it all better?

The good intention is the road to hell. Famous expression. Nikita Sergeevich suggested that this is exactly the case. Yes, the initiator and ideological inspirer of digitalization in Russia is the head of Sberbank Herman Gref. And what is Sberbank? After all, we all remember from Soviet times that this is a state and reliable bank. Which truth reset once, all human savings.

Who is the owner now? Let’s see. At the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, 52.32% of Sberbank shares. Ie, the state owns a controlling stake. Wait. State? And who is the founder of the Central Bank? Officially, the state, as well as accountability only by the state. But we know that the entire financial system is created and controlled by the US Federal Reserve. And here it is a foreign auditor.

Further, 46.6% belong to foreign non-residents. Ie, foreigners. And 1.5% Legal persons residents, 2.9% private investors. This is possible you when we traget to Sberbank shares on the stock exchange. And now the question arises, who is then trying to introduce digitalization and biometry in Russia?

And what’s here

And here we see the same ideas and the desire of two business representatives. It is especially disturbing that today’s situation leads to the promotion of the idea of chipization, digitalization and collecting biometric data. And already their partial introduction and accounting of the population to the thought that everything is done only for good. And special participation in the alleged programs is given to the banks.

All these questions

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