Bloggers who help people in difficult life situations

Always watch the next rollers specializing in social content with great interest. Often we see how they buy all the goods from grandmothers selling from the transition or in front of the stores, payments for old men in grocery markets and pharmacies, and sometimes largely taken to change the life of both retirees and all people in difficult life situations.

In such a plan work channels

Mute lucky on the major, someone buy or restore old cars, at home. Help return lost health. Good deeds depend on the involvement in the process of subscribers, which sometimes lists to help people very large amounts. And indeed, everything is because clearly, it can be seen where money goes in contrast to hundreds of charitable foundations in Russia.

Such cases are very necessary in our country. They really help us think about those people who have fallen a difficult life share. And also to engage in this process of volunteering. But they believe in the financial performance of bloggers not all. Someone leaves in the comments of stingy posts, writes all sorts of nasty accusing them to earnings on a popular topic.

But I sometimes have another question. What happens to the heroes of these rollers later. After all, beautifully presented beautiful gifts and generosity do not solve the main problems of people. They are deferred to return to the same life problems. My friend always spoke, a person should not give fish, and the fishing rod. Make so that the person gets some start, then he was able to secure himself.

But while I do not see such rollers. For bloggers, for example, taught a lonely mother with children earnings on the Internet at home or any legal homework. Learn about the hobbies and the interests of people, so that they were able to monetize them. Although I once came across a video, in which the blogger gave a video camera to a young guy who lives with his mother’s disabled person. That he shoot a video blog about his life. And he began to do it quite successfully.

Obviously, you also came across such videos and you, too, with empathy, followed the fate of their heroes. I would be very recognized in the comments your opinion about it.