Bought Kazakh products.

You know, always when it was possible to get to another region, I went to local stores with great interest in order to buy those products that we have in the Kuban or to rarity or other quality. Always tried and compared. I do not know how to you, but I liked Rostov products more than ours, Kuban. Milk tastier, baking is better.

The other day in our city found a store where Kazakh foods gladly bought. It is entirely given only by these products. You can say brand. Even hanging a portrait of two presidents, Putin and former President Nazarbayev. There was a lot of choice and I bought it in it for tasting. I share withdrawable with you.

Bought chocolate. The choice was big, but I decided to start with a small one. Little chocolate tile

And now about conservation. I purchased a buckwheat porridge with beef in a bank. Worth 95 rubles. By the way, the manufacturer of the Kubla LLP and the store from the same company. As I said above the branded.

Bank by 325 grams. When opening, the smell of course showed compliance with the label. But when I began to make my bachelor dinner and heated the contents in a pan, meat somehow dissolved among buckwheat. Here everything is like us in Russia. I smell and okay!

To eat a snack-cooked dish of buckwheat with meat, eggs with tomato is quite possible. Syly, but always compare with canned food from the USSR. How quickly we confused technology.

I especially want to criticize fish canned food. He took Sardin, a 240 gram bank. At a price of only 95 rubles. But where is the sea and where Kazakhstan. Moreover, as written on the bank, the fish is Atlantic. It is clear that it is brought across the floor of the continent in a frozen form before it fell into preservation.

I can not say anything bad in the taste. The same level as our canned food from the Moscow region. Little advice, you want to eat high-quality fish, always buy produced in port cities. For example, Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, etc.

Especially by nothing, Kazakhstan products did not surprise me. The same as our native, Russian. However, well done, for chocolate I can praise, did not yet be mixed with soy and other additives, for cheaper. By the way, on another my channel

Friends, I will be glad to your comments! What goods, from our former republics you also tried? And what did you like? They say good and high-quality Belarusian products. What do you think. Like and subscription!