Brom in the USSR Army: Reality or Myth?

How many friends and acquaintances did not ask about who saw with their own eyes, as in the food in soothing purposes, was sank in Brom, could not get an affirmative answer. Everyone spoke, but no one saw. As they say,

Broma was used on a citizen in very small doses as a sedative tool, but only on a citizen. In large doses and pure form, bromine is known since the time of the First World War. It was used in combat purposes, as one of the ingredients. And if we talk seriously, no army of the world would apply in bromine for any purpose against their soldiers.

As it is believed, this myth spread in the Soviet Army specifically in order to psychologically treat people. So that young guys do not build any plans for rare allowed days, and they were aimed only on business army and military training. Everyone who was at one time in the dismissal confirms that if the bromine case did not even remember.

But there were such «copies» who believing in the myth of bromine, before going into dismissal, they tried not from the kitchen for several days. They fed either by the fact that they were sent in the parcels or went to the «cape», the store on the territory of the military unit. The result in the young people was the same, that they have that those who did not suffer from those nonsense.

During his service in the army in 1989, entering confidence in the chefs, I tried to reveal them that they add to the soldiers’ food. We talked about this much. I heard on the fleet even more such rumors. A young cook with me shared information that yes, supplements are, but only vitamin C to raise immunity. Did I believe him then? No!

Since I was a soldier in the army of another state, as not strange it will sound, called the USSR, I can not say whether this myth is still in the Russian army. People are now in the information plan more advanced than a few years ago.

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