Can we recognize and rehabilitate fascism accomplices?

I believe that in no way cannot rehabilitate those people who, at the time of the Great Patriotic, were the accomplices of the fascists. This is clearly stated in the law. According to Article 4, item «B» is registered,

He spoke in favor of installing monuments

How can we relate to

Motherland traitors held the most cruel actions with the Soviet population, which even struck the Germans themselves. To justify their actions by the fact that they seem to be fought with communism and it is impossible for Stalin himself. Since in the case of the victory of Germany, the place of Russia on the maps of the world would no longer have. And the people would not be released, and plunge the slave state.

Some authors are now trying to bring some arguments and evidence from incomprehensible archives that Russia could remain as a state under the control of civilized Germany and the people would have lived, drinking Bavarian. They even give the words of the general

And this is after the voiced and famous doctrine of Hitler? After those actions that fascists and their accomplices did? We are not ready to betray the memory of the ancestors, they told us a lot and not to convince us.

We remember everything, what a scandal was, after opening a memorable board

Any person can now have a «porridge in the head», after some accomplices of the fascists are trying to rehabilitate and even make heroes. This happens noticeably on discussions on social networks and here in the comments. But our memory cannot be canceled as a victory day, she is forever in our blood. These bastards are not and misma, those million beautiful and intelligent people that our country has lost in war.

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