Color revolution in the USA?

I do not know how to explain it, boomerang returned or director one, but

The fact is striking. Especially when you remember the events in Ukraine and how the law enforcement agencies from Lviv and other regions put on their knees. I do not think that the US police officers took an example from the militia of Ukraine. But analogy, striking. After that, you understand that the director is even in trifles, can give Mahi and show his authorship.

Well, the author is clear. What’s next? Then there will be a «buns» for African Americans who felt their strength. The number of representatives from the affected authorities will increase. Enter even more stringent rules between racial relations. True, they were so, according to which it really could be attracted for racial discrimination.

How will the police work now? I think, if there are serious restrictions, the unemployed police officers, even despite a good pension to the old age will become more. Since everything will be able to work in a new way. Crime in the United States really has color and no one speaks of the affected police themselves. When they are forced to react to every rustle and incomprehensible movements of these guys are simply from fear.

How to now take an example from the detachment of democracy. Example, it means copying. Does it need it? But as seen by the Patex State Department offers all countries such a scenario of life. I think you have to be higher. Establish your way, even if it is even hesitated about the Vaters, Erafe, scoops. We are not conquer in our country and live here thousands of years. And take an example from a historic baby just not reasonable.

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