Do I need to close microfinance organizations in Russia

It is no secret that the appearance of microfinance organizations in Russia did not suit the benefit of citizens as another turn of criminalization gave. Funny, practically no lifting interest and worsened the financial situation. About the actions of private and black collectors repeatedly wrote in the press.

Recently, «Fair Russia» introduced a bill to the State Duma on the prohibition of micro financial institutions in Russia, MFIs. Words leader fraction

Mironov also recognizes what to push such a bill will be very difficult. Case in very big money. Lobbying opponents of the law will be very massive. What obviously says, about the essence of the criminal component in this area. But I, as the author of this material, believe that it is just necessary to do. People and so, in view of famous events experience difficulties.

And the «debt pit» has not yet helped anyone. Only for a short period. Recently looked at the video from the blog

And such families thousands. Someone deprives housing, families. There are no advantages here. Only minuses. Since nowadays it is impossible to plan for a long time. But Deltsam, heating hands on human problems now full of detrot. Any person with capital from 1,000,000 and can more than open a microfinance organization.

In any case, not even returns, interest on the use of the loan overlap losses. Are you talking in banks credit interest big up to 22 per annum? Microfinance organizations are folded daily 1-2 percent, which per year can be under 700 percent per annum.

Therefore, in this area, there is no simple regulation, but a complete ban.