Do Russia need expenses of Belarusian students

There was information that in Belarus are going to deduct students noticed in inconsistent shares and riots. Prior to that, there was already a message from the Belarusian telegraph agency that President Alexander Lukashenko spoke, for the contribution of such students. That is, it was official information from the authoritative agency of Belarus.

And this reaction followed from the Chairman of the All-Russian Student Union

An interesting question, whom from Russian students will deduct from universities to take the problematic students from the neighboring state in all parameters? Or in our country there are wishing problems to transfer to our country? You know that a person morally tuned to the opposition of power and in other conditions will not be fluffy and unborn.

It is only as they say, the fish feel that the water torture is for the aquarium. The press immediately appeared immediate reviews for this news. An information occasion emerged. Also adopt students said in Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. It is clear, these countries are so in confrontation to the power of Belarus. They are just right now to drag the most active people to their side.

In Russia, there is an annual quota for the reception of foreign students in 15,000 people. But she has already been completed and the school year is already. It is clear that the adopted foreigners will not be deducted. It turns out, training will be conducted for our state account of people from the neighboring country, which will then or will not work in Russia are not known. Yes, still impregnated with the Bunchar spirit. And what will happen to our students?

What do your friends think, do our country need such a Trojan horse or you don’t see any proven here? Write in the comments. I will be glad to your husky, reposit and subscription to the channel! Our channel for thinking and analyzing people.