Does fashion continue on the roots of our youth

Do you like leather things? Since childhood, I had a dream to wear a leather jacket, and even better leather, long raincoat. Tell me, idiotic dreams? Perhaps, if you judge modern standards. And then it was the mid-80s, the last century. It is necessary, it seems now on the memoirs so close this time, but so far. Last century. It is even difficult to get used to this word.

Always envied guys with cutting in Pakistani leather rugs. Always for some reason, as I did not ask, I met only the manufacturer of this country. But the jackets were highly qualitatively, quite in European. For a person from the province, it was the top of the dreams. It is not what you have in the capitals, the current and past. Informals, rockers, bikers, everyone could get them much easier and faster.

I really became interesting to me, did not go to the past fashion of my youth. Here are those on, not gone. And so far in trend. And the youth wearing a blindfold as well as at my time, almost thirty years ago. Why not! The jacket is quite comfortable. Especially now, when the number of mobile, with the car of people just raises. The main problem of leather things, convenience driving.

Not so long ago, on my concepts ten years ago, I bought a leather, long raincoat. Liked the quality of sewing and skin, thin, not rough. I tried to somehow sell it, the price of it was when buying 35,000 rubles, and I asked 15,000 rubles. And here I found out how difficult it is to do, we are in the province. In a long rain, it is difficult to be driving, and at the exit, our Kuban provincials prefer everything in more modest.

As you can see at the very top, raincoats from eco-skin are almost the same money that I asked. But this is not real leather. Let’s go back to the jackets of rusts. These jackets were very popular outside our country. Who just did not wear them. Simple people, raketira, stars. Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, almost all rock musicians, Favorite Kneyakter Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been captured. Remember the famous movie «Terminator»?

Yes, and today you can see a lot of stars in Hollywood and women and men dressed in a jacket of koshuhi. So, despite the fact that this jacket has almost already a whole century, the fashion continues on it.