Egypt’s riddles: what can be stored under the sphinx paw

Predated Egypt was considered a cradle of civilization. Recent studies have suggested that people inhabited this territory to the Great Flood. This guessed confirmed scientists who were discovered on the Sphinx traces of marine erosion.

This means that one of the most monumental structures at least 11 thousand years. What secrets can Sphinx store? Look at the photo. To understand how much water rose during an ancient flood, you need to look at the pyramid. Erosion touched it almost to the peak itself. Such was the water level. Sphinx at that time was hidden by water completely.

Until recently, it was believed that the pyramids are tomb of Pharaoh. However, they actually were erected for other needs. Which ones? Here versions a lot, give an accurate answer to this question could be more detailed research and excavations. But Egyptian authorities do not give permission to carry out such a type of work.

Psychics, magicians and researchers suggest that libraries and repository are hidden in buildings where artifacts and knowledge of previous civilizations are located. The first about the library hidden under the sphinx paw declared clairvoyant Edgar Casey.

He was confident that under one of the limbs of the statue there is a unique room in which information about the past of our planet is stored. In search of the «room» huge financial resources were allocated, but it was not possible to detect it.

Japanese researchers, translucent with the help of Radar, the plot indicated by clairvoyant, really discovered emptiness and cavities, but the permission was not allowed to carry out large-scale excavations.

American Geophysician with the help of the equipment also recorded numerous tunnels, branches and even the camera. However, he did not give good to carry out further research. After discoveries, and did not make a sensation, the country’s authorities generally banned such work for scientists from other countries.

This allowed researchers to assume that the Egyptians know that the Sphinx is under a paw. For some time there were rumors that they managed not only to detect, but also to penetrate the secret hall. They even spoke about the underground multi-level city, filled with technologies capable of turning the ideas about the Earth.

Books and scientific articles were published, some of them can be found on the Internet. However, few people say about the find today.
But why do Egyptologists do not give access to precious knowledge? Perhaps they counted that humanity had not yet entered the desired level of development, and the find could cause a global scale catastrophe.

And perhaps information about the hidden city is no more than a beautiful legend that does not have anything in common with reality. As it always happens, everything will judge only time. Sometime we will find out the truth, but tell me, so I want to know the details in our life. What do you think friends, maybe under the sphinx paw something?

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