Facebook began to block the repost from Yandex Zen.

Recently discovered such a nuisance. Mostly it touched the authors, but also ordinary readers now can not make repost

A whole conspiramic empit has already been to appear on the network, which maybe Facebook saw a competitor in Yandex Zen a competitor distracting from the user site. And he began to resist this. Others, declare that the «low-grade» Dzen articles do not like the public with Facebook and they often press dyslaike, the site itself is blocked. In general, the assumptions mass, only where is the reality?

In fact, no one blocked anything. Most likely, in the process of the work of Zen programmers, there has been a violation of interaction between two platforms. I think soon everything will work. While you can get out of the position like. It is enough to copy a string in the browser with your article address. Go to your Facebook page and make the usual post office with reference.

As you can see, everything went well and no links have happened. So the domain is not blocked. Of course, there will now be difficult for ordinary users who get used to press repost in the Zen itself are unlikely to copy the link to the article and place themselves. Such problems also have the usual site owners and all this is solved with Facebook support or independently.

Most likely, the work that is carried out on Yandex Zen to improve the functional slightly violate other functions. I am sure that everything will restore and in the near future.