Fishing without fishing rod.

How to combine a pleasant with useful? To enjoy yourself and the family was full? Fishing for a man was an invalid to this means of combining all the advantages. You can talk with the men to talk and please my wife with children. Yes, even imagine, mostly for free. Unless of course, these are not paid reservoirs.

It happens not everyone can be equipped well. Someone else has no fishing rods, but there is a desire. Well, as possible in our hard time for these adaptations to distract family budget? But there is a way out and it is very simple. Fishing on a bottle. It is best for the usual, plastic, liters on 5. It seems, it is called such a structure of the process or top.

Can of course use and ordinary

We bind to the bottle of a fishing line or a conventional rope, put the bait inside the bottle, you can ordinary bread. Let’s notify in the bottle of water. And all, throw a trap to the depth, you already decide what. If you want the bottle to be near the surface of the reservoir, tie to it then foam floats.

So, easily and just in our no easy time, you decide a lot of problems. You will have time to chat with friends, while traps will be in work, your family will be fed and glad that the getter came with a catch. And all that required for this is your sedent and desire. So, do not pay attention to those who do not know how to feed the family. Just get up and make it!

Friends, Write your comments! Avoid fishermen probably have among you?

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