From whom the social protection is protected.

I speak from personal experience. I do not know who to pray for someone, since the situation with my mother who fell into the hospital with a complication of diabetes occurred before our seat on the houses. How would fate turned if it happened already at the time of the Ministry of Health raised to the ears, do not even assume. For example, for example, in the city under the sickness of this period, a whole district hospital was distinguished, picking up ordinary and emergency in the nearest cities.

For May, I lost two people close to me, a second-hand aunt of my mother and my father, with whom I really lived in a divorce and who had another family. I think, if there were no Avral in medicine, they could have been able to rejoice at life, since they did not receive due treatment. But they did not have the diagnosis of everyone known. Father waited for a certain reasons for reasons for vessels. And did not wait.

By complications, having lost his legs, my mother was treated, which was very difficult for us. Up to contacting the regional Ministry of Health. And it helped, everything moved, earned. And before it was like a pause. Especially helped

The next stage was the transfer of documents to the Pension Fund for Disability Payments. So coincided that at the same time many people decorated presidential payments for children of 10,000 rubles. There were big queues, but managed to sign up for a specific day of reception. With registration in the pension fund, everything happened less successfully and quickly.

The next ones of visits were organizations with the mysterious names of the FSS and Usn. What translated into the national language means the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation and the Office of Social Protection of the population of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. In the period of the world’s seating of the house, these organizations generally began to represent regime objects. Communication only by phone. Personally at the reception not to break through.

Documents for receiving a carriage of a disabled and chair managed to give to the social insurance fund from the second time. But the social sphere attended twice and all to no avail. The first time was under the doors along with the elderly, deaf disabled. He tried to explain his problems until the employee had not written to him that she had to come after sitting at home when everything earned.

I realized that the main problem of the grandfather was material. And no one can help him, even a state organization that has arranged the skip system worthy of the Kremlin. Gave grandmother the last 500 rubles, which he accepted with gratitude and tears in his eyes. It is difficult for him, and I can earn young and on the Internet. Major work was closed at that time.

I came again the second time, but the staff also explained to those who were gathered under the doors, which for all questions please contact the phone placed on the doors. Now there is a third arrival, after all events known for all. I hope the organization whose task is the social protection of the population now opened its doors. And before I got the impression, and all visitors who I found under the doors that social protection went into defense already from the population.

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