He 32 and he does not age from 13 years.

It seems about this guy I have already seen the plot on television. Perhaps remember you. When the traffic police detained a car on the highway, which was ruled by a child. Only after clarifying the circumstances and breaking through the document documents the police found out that the owner of the car is not 13 guy, as it could seem at first sight, and 32 year old man. And recently I saw a new video.

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Blider has repeatedly raises acute social topics. For example, assistance to people who have fallen into difficult life situations. And this time he touched upon an amazing topic.

Genetic disorders did not allow him to become an externally by a person relevant to his real age. However, Denis lives quite the normal life of an ordinary person. He works and he has a girl who is 26 years old. And the appearance is not a problem in their relationship, because Denis has enough life experience. And in our life the main thing is not how we look, but our actions.

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This is a very controversial question in modern society, which is permeated by humanistic ideas. Previously, for example, for example, it was more strictly related to this topic. And if this were not, it is unknown what would be with today’s generation. Can medicine correct genetic violations or in the future we will get millions of descendants with these same problems?

By the way, Denis himself is also a blogger. And leads to the Far East a story about himself, his hobbies. He loves nature and hunting. Even the background for conversation with a blogger «Vasya on Seine» was chosen by the coast of the beautiful near Moscow river. Below, you can watch his interview on the channel «Vasya on Seine». You can also support the subscription channel!

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