How Brezhnev was ahead of Putin in the number of breakthroughs in the economy

We all hear about constant breakthroughs in the Russian economy. We hear, but in fact, if we try to search for these achievements, we begin to make sure of their insignificance for real economic lifting. Yes, the Crimean Bridge was built. I pull in Europe different streams, northern and southern. The other day there was a message about improving or building a transport road line from Astrakhan to Black Sea ports.

The same ways will be built to the Baltic ports with the participation of the Republic of Belarus. But here, on the soul somehow not joyful. Since the life of an ordinary citizen from these events does not improve. And it is unlikely to be improved. As everyone survived only due to its hands and a smelter, it will survive. Moreover, the development of these areas is talking about.

Everything is built only for the convenient export of our minerals and other raw materials through the Black Sea and Baltic paths. Gaza is not, perhaps, not mistaken, a quarter or more of the population of Russia, and pay for gasoline as 1 gram of silver. Many of us are still convinced that at Leonid Brezhnev was even worse. Generally stagnation in all sectors of economics and politics.

And how do you like it.

In «Stagnation», the West Siberian Metallurgical Combine has been rebuilt. The largest enterprise was completed in the 80s, whereas before its construction was suspended. What is now? Only Operation of Soviet. And the Latvian Electric Technical Plant WEF? Remember their radio tape recorders, tape recorders, radiols, radio receivers, phones?

What can boast now, except for assemblies from Chinese spare parts? I do not even remember. And Krasnoyarskaya, Sayano-Shushenskaya, Ust-Ilimskaya HPP, Nureschka GRES remaining in Tajikistan. And Riga Plant Raf, where is he now? What is comparable now on the scale of this? Also, the «Russian invaders» built a textile factory «Alitus» in the Baltic States, the electrical plant «Elf», which produced electric motifs and tape recorders.

Another Kaunas power plant, Nitrogen fertilizer plant. What is built now? Nothing. In television news information only about the raw economy. How hard to break through the Western markets. Is there any idea now, to improve the economy, which could combine people, how did the BAM do in due time?

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