How do squirrel and arrow dog lived after returning from space

Before Yuri Gagarin flew into space, people spent experiments with animals for a very long time. After all, the flight outside the land is extremely dangerous and requires excellent training. The brothers our smaller brothers went to the uncharted space gave.

Unfortunately, a significant part of them was not destined to return to Earth. Space sent monkeys, cats and dogs. They did not return due to the fact that animal wanders were not perfect enough, as well as the first spacecraft.

In addition, not all animals kept tremendous loads and could not survive shocks from what happened to them. But each of us remembers the priest and arrows. These were the first dogs, which from the space returned to Earth.

However, we are interested in their further fate. Whether they returned to their natural world, or did their lives develop on a different scenario? Protein and arrow were called «first gagarin» among animals. And on August 19, 1960, there was a launch of a rocket with unusual astronauts on board.

Inside the rocket, opportunities were created, as close as possible

Total dogs spent 25 hours in orbit when it was decided to plant a ship. After the ship landed, the dogs were met by the rescue group. They were very frightened, but after the overload passed, quickly calmed down.

It became known that during the fourth turn, the squirrel experienced discomfort and tried to remove the equipment from themselves, while the arrow was calm throughout the flight. Probably the differences in the characters of dogs played a role. The protein itself was much more active and emotionally the arrow.

After the squirrel and the arrow returned from space, they had lived in a special center until the end of their days, where they were always controlled. Despite the fact that the dogs remained healthy until the end of their lives, the squirrel could still give birth to puppies, which unfortunately could not be saved.

After that, for several years, postponed the idea of the flight of women into space. And even the disturbing turn, during which the protein was nervous, the feat of scientists to postpone the idea of making Yuri Gagarin a few turns around our planet, limiting only one.

Nowadays in the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics,

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