How do we now watch American and European films?

Immediately confess, I am a fan of the series in the historical and fantastic genre. Since our, domestic TV shows, and full-length films, removed to the offensive little, have to join the world cinema. And there we always please the variety of those, genres and most importantly, high quality shooting and acting game. So to speak, getting safely in the plot together in the main characters.

But last time, it becomes more and more difficult to build. And the guilt here is not our global seat of the house. Other trends. We already get bored with what happens not logically, some roles put African American actors, especially historical. The ancestors of the Europeans would turn over to the coffin, seeing that they were creating their descendants. But there is still surprise more specific.

I watch I mean the series

But the series

True, the entire series next to the main character will be an open recycle. Well, hell with him, the main thing is like that man is not bad. About TV series

Fantastic series, too, marked in the same action. In all the favorite TV series «hundred», «Strela» there are these boyish and maiden lines. All as they say performed by the US Tolerant Laws. So I want to say, every whali pair. Sorry friends, of course. Why suddenly the world changed, that personal, which was always put in our lives to show.

And us, and they do not ask them in the West, are it nice to see it. The fact that there was always a small mystery of two or resembles the pampering of the monkeys in the zoo. As one of the bloggers once said, the Western world has long realized that all this is natural, everything is in the animal world. But, we are not animals, why degrade?

How to now put internal filters on such plots, I do not know. It happens to penetrate the personality of the hero, and such moments sometimes disappoint. If you already talk about our legislation, then here in the series clearly fans with propaganda of special relations. What we have forbidden. Although I remember that when we had a law on the prohibition of the propaganda of these relations, they said so much that the law itself served as propaganda.

Now in a rare village, Stanice, Aul there is no grandmother, which would not know who these special guys and girls. What to do to us now, people with traditional views on relationships and peace? It is clearly not in our power to influence this one, another world. It is only to hope that everyone will go away and someday, everything will return to the usual, traditional channel. In the meantime, put the inner filter, well, or who is able to do it, write his books and shoot your national, high-quality cinema, which will be interesting to us and to them the disappearance.

Friends, waiting for your comments! Interesting your opinion.

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