How in Russia it is easy to manipulate people

How easy to manipulate people in Russia we are convinced every day. We believe what they are told from TV screens, which promise. Do not go into details, it is legitimate. And how to understand if we do not know our rights. Yes, even if we know, sometimes professionals from jurisprudence enter a dead end. The law is drawn. The old Russian proverb works and always work.

Write this article I prompted the video with a social experiment of a blogger, how to easily manipulate people in Russia. Its essence was that he was with his partner, depicting the guard, stood in front of a large network store and began to check the temperature with an electronic thermometer in humans. Some, he asked for several exercises, as if his temperature caused a suspicion.

People squatted, ran, jumped, shouted words to show — they have no shortness of breath. And no one began to doubt that something is wrong here. In addition to one guy who saw the video camera aside. No doubted because the fake verifier had all the signs of an official employee. Business view, thermometer, badge on a jacket. But the last footage were generally chic.

Having said a small temperature in humans, the blogger gave him a protective cellophane suit consisting of a cap and a jumpsuit. And only after that, the person missed the store. Do you imagine how people in our country are ready even for non-unauthorized proposals, supposedly requirements? Experiment can be considered a success.

People do not even have a shadow of doubt when they are trying to manipulate. Almost everything is ready for such management. I do not think that the situation would have changed, if instead of young people, the experiment would be carried out with adults or elderly people. The blogger was simply respected to people aged. But the fact is a fact. Whatever nonsense we offer us under the official status, we are ready to accept them.

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