How in the Krasnodar Territory destroy the crop of spring 2020

I brought up in a telegram with a farmer, whose farm was engaged in the cultivation of vegetable crops in the territory

In ahead, the crop of cucumbers, eggplants and zucchini. According to Mikhail R., rare purchases offer a price of 10 rubles, which does not even beat off the costs and remuneration of the assemblers. Now, many markets are already open, but this does not particularly save this situation. People already have little money, and many at all sit at home limited by the underlying shops.

I asked Mikhail, why in some network stores there are radishes? So what’s the problem? Shops do not take it? What he answered. It turns out that very rare farmers manage to get into the logistics network of large retail chains. Therefore, always focused on small purchases, who now do not want to carry risks. Basically, radishes in supermarkets comes from suppliers from Israel.

This is the situation. I do not know how farmers will be paid from this situation. Sometimes, a purely rhetorical question arises, if it is not possible to realize, why not just distribute the same radishes to people? Or take the nursing home, orphanages at home. But in market and capitalist relations, it is simply impossible. Since, it may take the market at all and devalue other products.

It turns out that it is easier to smell the products in the field than to take at least some benefit. Capitalism — without a human face. And the fate of the farmers themselves is not clear. Who, how and under what conditions will reimburse them damages? And if they stop working, it is waiting for the food market in the country. Again purchases abroad? So there are no smaller problems.

By the way, farmers began to use to inform about the situation with their economies of Yatuba. The reaction from the edge administration was enrolled, on a little bit began to help with the search for sales. But what they did before, it is not clear. Why did the state eliminate the creation of logistics trajectical trajectures? After all, the food program, it would be better to regulate how to give everything to the spill to network stores.

Perhaps this period of insulation will make reconsider many moments. Since the state established by the state, in parallel with the individuals of the Logistics, will improve the country’s economic security, not only in this particular case, but also on any other cataclysms. By the way, if you are a farmer or you have a simple household, how do you cope with problems now?

Do not forget that the problems that have arisen have to be cut so that the information reached the addressees. It is not possible to destroy the products, not humanly it.

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