How Japanese earned 22 million rubles on idleness

The more I work on the network, the more I found people who wish to find a job on which you can do anything. People buy all sorts of courses, where they are promised to be just such work. With minimal cost, become millionaires.

Pay for them four, ten and twenty thousand rubles. And in the end, they understand, they once again divided the so-called «Info-Rygane». And how then to prove that on the Internet and in real life you can earn? There are also people who have been going to their permanent job for many years, which eventually becomes hated and also dream of not working on the opportunity, but that money is always in his pocket.

This is the like that I dreamed of 36 Summer Japanese Sedzi Morimoto, for many years editing textbooks in the publishing house. At one fine moment, the cup of patience was overflowed and Morimoto quit his job. You understand that it was a step, as the Japanese responsibly belong to their positions and how material is the road life in Japan. And therefore, they are not corrected workers.


You can not imagine how much the Japanese offers to make a company. Someone, I needed a partner to visit the cinema, another partner in the online game, it was necessary to just speak. There was even a criminal who decided to confess him in perfect. Sedzi never interrupted people, inserting only short phrases.

Probably you are familiar with such situations when only your interlocutor speaks with you mostly, but in the end you find yourself for him a very interesting person. Here was the same case. Understanding that if everything is so lasting Morimoto just burns out morally, he decided to take a fee for communication.

Having stopped at the amount of $ 100 per hour, plus meals and drinks, the Japanese though reduced his time to communicate with people, but won in the material. For two years he could practically do nothing to earn 30,000,000 yen, that translated into Russian rubles will be about 21,000,000 rubles. Is it possible to call such meetings with people?

Sedzi Morimoto was able to earn so much as he did not have in his own former work. Thus, having proven to themselves and people that, thanks to the resourcefulness, you can practically do nothing and become rich. One of the TV companies of Japan was even removed from a multi-seater film about his countryman, thereby even more heated interest in his personality.

Realizing this, its popularity, Sedzi wrote about himself a book, which he was able to achieve the goal for himself and adopting a responsible decision to leaving work. Without which many Japanese do not represent their lives. Of course, the book became a bestseller, even more enriched by a man of a man. The circulation had to printe.

That’s how he performed his dream and did not lose anything. Is he happy? I think yes. Although for me, communication with people is the hardest job.