How many people got apartments for free in the USSR and now in Russia

I always wondered what would happen to our housing foundation in the future. When the massively received by citizens housing is still in the USSR, will begin to come into disrepair? It is definitely that since it would not be before. And soon, most of our country’s citizens will live as well as most people in the same America, in removable accommodation. Since, only secured people can acquire housing not only for themselves, but also for commercial use.

A new generation of youth is growing, which will still be able to receive the housing for the old fund as an inheritance. And most will acquire either the financial assistance of parents or mortgages. Yes, in our country it is still possible, the help of parents. A rare phenomenon in the same countries of the civilized West. Now citizens of Russia get housing for free, almost impossible. Even orphans and large families are forced for years to wait for a queue for receipt and not yet the fact that they can get it.

As a rule, such expectations ends with the appeal of citizens to court. Only after the passage of these tests there is a chance to achieve the law from officials. But you have little statistics.

On average, it took about 5 years. What was also a long time. Now it is stretched for long 19 years and can be obtained faster only in the case of the complete accident rate of the previous one. And again, through the court. Most likely, new housing will be even without finishing. But this, now citizens are incredibly glad. A certain layer of people put money into a new residential foundation. They are now the percentage that housing in Russia moves.

And probably, they will provide the rest of the Russians with removable housing. Since in view of our continued economic problems, the number of people capable of acquiring housing even on the mortgage decreases, despite the decline in mortgage percent to 6.1 or 5%. And this is with Western loans issued for example in the Czech Republic with the same Sberbank under 2%. There interest rates are rigidly regulated by the state. Well, we have only to dream about it.

Friends, share in the comments, how are you going to acquire now housing? And in general, what do you think about the modern situation with the housing foundation. Write, let’s discuss! Like and subscription!