How much they will be filmed with housing and communal services from July 1

As promised government


Whether the government is ready to cover losses, due to the defaults of the population, is not yet clear. As I assumed, the main problems will emerge after the world seating. Where to take money to people, if not in their fault, did they lose work during this period? If the salaries were reduced? If people snore their accumulation? The chain of misunderstandings is launched and everything is reflected in the housing and communal services, as the ultimate instance.

Another question who controls the reasonable spending of funds in the housing and utilities industry? After all, it has long been conversations that everything is not so unequivocal here, it’s like a bottomless abyss, which will digest any amounts from population payments. Who holds hard control? If we have in the same Moscow, work legally and not legally thousands of migrant workers on minimal salaries, and in the statements pass quite good amounts?

And who controls the legal affiliation of housing and communal services, as in the same scandal in Krasnodar and other regions, where it turns out to go directly abroad? In offshore? Such titanium can be fed by any million state vulneys and will not be a sense of support. And everything will be not enough. Why do not initiatives come from servants of the state or public figures about reform and hard control, the digitalization of this industry?

Some questions. Analysts have already stated

The last word for our government. How it will come out of the current situation. Feed the industry with inflows, without tasty control, it is impossible. And how to restore order in this bottomless black hole, no one has expressed his proposals yet.