How the Turks began to tile with houses for birds.

Recently saw the material of the foreign press, where one of the firms in Turkey, took up the production of tiles, with the houses for birds provided in them. Truly good undertaking. And with our practicality, many will say, well, here weathered the Turks, there is nowhere to give money, so for the birds have become home to the birds. Yes, the Turks are still those builders. Often they saw them on trips to Krasnodar or on the coast. Build thoroughly and efficiently.

But back to the tiled and birds. It turns out that the Turkish company did not invenate anything new here and is not a height of the new direction in the bird development. Build houses for birds in Turkey, centuries-old tradition. And now, they simply crossed the already rolled Dutch idea from designer Klaasa Kuiken. He was the first to concern the problem of the survival of birds in cities where they remain few places for reproduction.

If we talk about tradition, then the special reverence of birds was in Turkey during the period of the Ottoman Empire. It was then that the whole mini-palaces were massively erected for them, fixing them on the walls of fortresses, houses and luxury palaces already in full size. They appeared even at bridges and fountains. On the top photo, you can see the oldest Bedroom-Palace of the 16th century on the Büustgegé Bridge in Istanbul itself.

It turned out that the birds of the Palaces are not only ordinary tradition, but also religious. It is believed to be the birds settled these houses bring to builders good, happiness and health. The most interesting thing, I immediately remembered our Russian tradition. If under the roof of the house swallows will head the nest, the house will be happy. And if, people will break the nest, they will comprehend trouble.

I can assume that this tradition could bring a concubine

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