How the US intelligence services are struggling with Russian-speaking video

I want to express my opinion about what is happening now in the Russian-speaking blogosphere. Probably, many of you watched videos bloggers who broadcast to the expanses of the Russian-speaking YouTube about their lives and work in the United States. In this vein worked

They did not try to silence all the troubles that took place with them personally and in general in the country that took them. Frankly speaking of flaws in American life, politics. They talked about the mentality of people. They often filmed accusations of «crews», «certifications» from the so-called heyters. After all, others told only about the pros, or they tried to be neutral at all.

Almost two years ago

Soon, he decided to close his channel. Another blogger

Now his rollers are mainly devoted to excuses for attacks of unfriendliers who have unexpectedly disassemble his life in parts, attributing him even a special relationship with Vegabond. Although Alex is quite traditional to educate a person. By the way, dozens of exposure rollers appeared recently on all these bloggers. And I think it’s not with simple.

Knowing that for a Russian man and his mentality, the accusation of not traditionality is serious, some bloggers began to make their own video about them in this vein. In the hope that they will save and go away from the video of the blogger. And if you think that many of them do this in their will, from the desire to advance by the use of the topic of popular persons, then you are mistaken.

No country will demolish when someone, using her video hosting tools, begins to work negatively against her. You have already seen some bloggers just blocked. But when it is difficult to make such a decision, the persons who begin to ride a man, forcing him to close the project. Of course, the US intelligence agencies do not act with their own hands.

For this, there are people who for money, under pressure, begin such actions on unwanted. When we look at such a video, we do not even suspect that the blogger, whom we looked so long and which suddenly unexpectedly began to catch another, performs the will of the special services. Do not think that people show deficiencies will be left alone. Especially if in each video they compare our two countries.

You can say, the author you are looking for conspiracies where they are not. Well, I appreciate your opinion. But this does not mean that it is true. Let’s compare these people with other bloggers. Which, nothing negative talk about the United States. These are channels

They exist perfectly and especially do not suffer from attacks of not understandable personalities. Because, in the question of the United States and Russia, they talk about the first country only neutral, but about the former Russia’s homeland, only casual. It is quite another thing, with bloggers express their attachment to her, I mean our country. Periodically arise the problems of the blogger

They arise after critical rollers about America or statements in a positive key of Russia. So, the work of specialists of the US Special Services is not noticeable at first glance, but when proper analysis is manifested. Actions against Russian bloggers are carried out by calling scandals, conflicts and seeding, it would seem on their own colleagues bloggers or unexpectedly emerged heyters.

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