How to beat Possible abduction of Peter I in a new historical adventure film

Started filmmother of a historical adventure film

What the acting of world stars managed to collect in the picture:

We will not be judged about the artistic value of movie carnot. Her historical reliability. Interestingly other. We all read or saw various documentary films of the investigation on the possible substitution of the Tsar Peter first, during his tour of Europe. Petr returned to another, hateing all Russian and completely in European tolerant.

There were many similar films of alternative researchers, but to make an artistic picture. Such for the first time. Question. This is an attempt to enter the trends of a similar topic, since more popular, it means you need to exploit. Or did someone give good to pumping it in Russia? How such stars of world values agreed to act in the «evil» and regulatory sanctions?

And here is an iron mask, A la Peter, the first is hidden by the worships and enemies of Russia in the European Domotnica Tower, the enemies also want to get rid of Jonathan Green by sending him to a dangerous and long journey to China, and Green solving all the problems will help you to save Russia from an impostor on the throne. The film really should be interesting. Unfortunately, he became for the famous American actor Rouratger Hauer last in his career, he died recently.

This is of course sad news, but back directly to the picture. The authors of the film touched upon many legends of peoples, both Russian and Chinese. The mystery of the great tea path, the mystery of the submenu of Peter the first, the mystery of the «man in an iron mask». Definitely, the storyline about Tsar Peter will spur even more interest in the possible substitution.

To find out any controversial issues in history, now it becomes possible due to the development of DNA genealogy. For example, Anatoly Klesov, the most famous of the researchers in this area has already expressed its opinion on the poverty of the Norman theory. What prevents the study of the remains of Peter’s first? They are in place, they did not touch them.

The premiere of the movie «Mystery of the Dragon Print» only started. In any case, the film is worth seeing. But what subtext is reflected in the film, it is already judged to you. Try to study the history of your country to come to the truth. And then, the fact that there is no clear view of the ordinary woman will be more clear for you.

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