How to choose shoes in a well-known trading network and for what budget

When visiting the store, you always have to choose the face, the price is quality. So that it was not expensive, at the same time it was a quality product. I will share with you information about visiting me a network shop «Kari». My choice was my shoes for the autumn-winter season, in view of the limited budget. It is not difficult to combine, because of our relatively, warm Kuban climate.

Now just ideal acquisition conditions are not only for one season. When buying two pairs, you will receive the third for the free bonus. Another bonus goes to your network card. You can use it for the following purchases. So, the object of my «hunt» steel boots were insulated and with light insulation for wearing in thaw.

I have a choice for footwear for two firms

Chose two pairs. On our climate, you can quite wear such shoes on warm socks. For Northerners, I think, still it is worth choosing with fur insulation. But I stopped on a light version, I know hard to walk in warm boots all working day, the foot starts sweating. At the price it took 4299 rubles and 4499 rubles. And this, already guarantees a free pair of shoes from 4299 rubles. What did I choose yet?

And I decided to choose the sports shoes on the bonus, though it was a little lower than 2500 rubles. Easy shoes have been simply needed. It was not the price. I remember once again, it is often written on the Internet that the shoes in the Kari network are not high quality. And there are examples in the price range from 600 to 1000 rubles. Friends, you seriously think that you can get quality for that kind of money?

According to the result, the store’s bonus card was credited somewhere about 500 rubles. But I do not know if I can use until the next purchases, since such acquisitions do not often. This is the Russians as a holiday for us. So, if you decide to take shoes, try not to take cheap. This only happens in a mousetrap and listening to the Council will not then write negative reviews.

Friends, and you make purchases in this network? Or what shoes do you like to buy, have favorites? Write in the comments. Do not forget like, repost and subscription to the canal!