How to fool couriers scammers.

In the telegram chat, the other day I talked with a companion on the correspondence, which the other day fell on the tricks of fraudsters. It’s a pity for the guy, forced to earn a courier to the online store to pay for the treatment of the mother. And it is expensive. Practically leaves everything that earned a day. Knowing that I blog, he asked to write about it to protect other colleagues. I fulfill his request.

Yes, perhaps one of the couriers does not yet know about this form of fraud. Therefore, now just right to remember and not come across the tricks of the villains. After all, in a few minutes you can lose your day earnings. And the work of the courier, with the seeming simplicity, not the lungs. Perhaps for someone information will not be new, but still.

Imagine the courier delivers the parcel to the buyer of the online store. The order is done on any branch of the traffic police, for greater solidity. Fraudsters know that law enforcement agencies are difficult to suspect in a trunk. When ordering, the villains report that they have a bill of 5,000 rubles and will be needed. They ask the courier to call the address to the address.

The courier does, hearing in the tube: «The traffic police department is such something.» Quite solid. And here, he is asked to go to the nearest store and buy cigarettes or hamburgers with water. All the same, there will still be a surrender, as they say. The courier agrees. But literally in a minute or two people call him, after the purchase

For reconciliation, the number is asked when sending money to call back, convincing that they will now pay for all 5,000 rubles and without surrender. The courier again calls, being at the payment terminal and hears the same: «Division of the traffic police». There is no doubt, guys work, how not to help. And here by sending money, the courier is suitable with the order to the Department of the traffic police. And what is his surprise!

A person with customer data does not work in the traffic police department. In addition, the courier informs that he is so not one who fell on the tricks of fraudsters, which are covered by the official bodies. The courier lost money, going to violate the rules of the courier, no left orders. He can lose not only day earnings, but also work at all.

Most of these types of fraud are industrial in prisons. As with other types of divorces. There are so many schemes. So, no matter how much you wanted to help someone, you should not violate the rules of work. And I would advise the usual people, also refer to any phone calls, where something is required from you with caution. Do not see for tricks. Business fraudsters flourishes only from our Lightness.

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