How to go to the winter campaign of February 2021

Winter campaign is an amazing, useful and very interesting adventure. In the winter forest, very clean and fresh air so the winter campaign will be useful for health. But the most important thing is not to overdo and stick to the instructions of the winter campaign. Especially since the winter of 2021 we were very surprised.

Let’s talk about what you need to take a winter campaign. In other words, we will discuss the integral tourist gear who gathered to conquer the winter forest.

Going in a winter campaign you just need a good backpack. Under the word, it is understood as a backpack of a large capacity, about 80 liters, and better at 120. Big backpacks, it’s a lot of men, a smaller room is suitable for girls, about 60 liters.

In such an extreme campaign, you need a big backpack, as you can put more warm things in it, which will help you warm up cold, winter nights. If you have a minor room backpack, then much may simply do not fit and you have to hang some things on top of the backpack, and this will not lead to good.

You can put a backpack into a snowdrift, it can go raining with snow and in the end everything that you tied on top of the backpack wet, and in the winter campaign it is not welcomed. So, take a backpack of great capacity, and if you do not have a backpack and you want to purchase it, then you can see the heading the choice of a backpack.

A sleeping bag in the winter campaign is also an integral thing. When choosing a sleeping bag, you need to take into account its characteristics. You should not take a sleeping bag that is suitable for summer holidays. There are many types of bedrooms, but in the winter campaign, it is still better to take a fluff basis. But if this is not available, you can do any other with a temperature regime to -40 degrees. A sleeping bag with such a temperature mode will warm you all night.

Rugs also have different types. And they all perform one function — this isolation of your body from the cold of the Earth. Therefore, it also needs to take with him in hiking of this type, especially in winter. The tourist rug is best transported on the side wall of the backpack, while removing it into a waterproof case that you can buy or sew yourself. In this kind of campaigns, any rug that you have is suitable.

We all know winter cold and damp. Therefore, when choosing what to wear on yourself and what to put in a backpack, you need to think carefully. You can simply go to the shop of tourist clothes and you are shooting at the last fashion. But not the fact that you will sell what you need. Let’s look at what clothes are best to wear with such campaigns as winter.

Winter pants with insulation or two pairs of pants are suitable here, but winding pants from non-blurred fabric have to wear. At the top, it is advisable to wear more layers of clothing, so that when you become very hot, it would be possible to shoot it. In the winter campaign, it is important not to stand so as you can get hypothermia, and this can already be bad for you turn around. Therefore, it is best to be dry.

It is worth noting that on top of everything you need to wear a waterproof windbreaker. This is done so that clothes are not wicked at you. To the shoes cost more seriously. Do not go to the campaign to take old boots. If you do this, then your feet will be in dampness and constantly mourge.

They do not wet, they have specially reinforced sock and high height of the gate, as well as the ribbed surface of the sole and modern insulation technologies. In such boots you will be easily and convenient for all hike. It is worth noting that when choosing such shoes in the store, the main thing is that they do not bother you and sat freely.

This is a device for sewn your shoes from snowing in them. Very comfortable and necessary thing in the winter campaign. She dresses at the fastening of the shoe and pants attachment and thus your boot is protected from snow. Such a device is sold in tourist stores. But you can use bochilles from military chemical protection.

For the winter campaign, these are the basic things that will help you cope with cold nights and do not climb. The rest of the equipment is standard. It is suitable absolutely to all types of hiking.