How to make a free gasifice houses of Russians, but you have to pay

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Here, the president recently promised to engage in the issue of gasification of the country, gave an order. He was considered and offered such an option. It will be in Russia in every house gas. But, funding gasification will be large enterprises. The gas line will be conducted to the site, and then each can already.

Gazprom is not going to completely pick up this burden. But the money for everything will be taken, including for carrying out gas to the house. That in the end it turns out. Since large consumers of gas will be forced to pay gas lines, the price of gas can rise. Yes, almost all, light, products.

Ultimately, sorry for the tautology, the bill for all we will pay. Everything closes on ordinary consumers. In this situation, it is not clear why Gazprom praises its profits with foreign supplies, but does not want to independently finance the country’s gasification.

And yet, I was very interested in the map of the Gasification Program of the Regions of Russia 2021-2025. Noticed interesting. Part of the country that gives it income from the sale of oil and gas, I mean Siberia is not affected for gasification. The Far East is generally scarily planned to wiring lines. But all the streams are cheerful in the direction of China.

Sorry, half the country is not the territory of the Russian Federation? Or is it a colonial territory? I generally friends, I do not understand anything. And you? It turns out that the founders of a large gas company agree only to receive super-profits, without investing in the development and arrangement of the country.

I can not call lucky that part of Russia, in which it was decided to carry out the branches of gasification. Our pockets will be empty and quite decent. That’s why we remember Soviet times in such nostalgia. This would not be in general in principle. Resources were in public administration.

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What to do, eternal Russian question? And nothing! As our famous Sochi humorist says: «Understand and forgive!». Friends, what do you think? Did this map surprised you? Write in the comments. From you like, repost and subscription to our channel!