How to receive parcels now without queue

Now because of the situation that is understandable and well-known, in some countries the country is difficult to pass without an appointment. You may be able to get into the same separation of Russian Post without recording, standing in a thorough queue. Everything is simple. Because, in the premises run a strictly defined number of people. Basically, in major cities of Russia, you can see big queues in front of post offices.

Therefore, there is an option to stand in line with everyone, it happens even a few hours and everything is in the heat, or get a simple lifehak from me using new technology. This will require your smartphone and a pair of minutes to install the application and subsequent actions. You need to go to Google Play and download

Choose on the map in the app your city, office on the street you need, visit the date. We draw up on your contact details. Everything. Now, you can come to your post office, to the time you need and go through without any queues. On the Internet, video already appeared, where people show how many they have to stand in queues. It happens on the hour or one and a half. So you will save your time and nerves.

Friends, I will be glad to your comments. Do you help you in the current situation this advice? Thus, you can take place without queues in many organizations. From you like and subscription!