How to write in zen for smart public, tell me

I look and wonder how many Zen bloggers talk about their successes on the site, show the most believed for everyone. Your income. Many secret is simple, be in the peak of popular topics. Go for what the crowd loves. People want a spectacle, they get them.

And who moves the platform in fact. Those who are during? Or those who are trying to bring something new, experiment and engage the brains of our respected readers for their direct appointment.

It is not necessary to wait for the favor of fate and respected Zen. The game in the money and the fact that people react by instinct, and not mind. I saw the title, «What is the difference between eggplant from synign» or «hypopapats from hippopotamus» and CLO. It’s so interesting! But the call to discuss a living topic, no, no, no.

I’ll tell you about my start on the site. It has been more than a month since the beginning of my work. 5 articles were published, which suspiciously did not recruit and the main show. Found out. He fell under the restriction in connection with the click. Beginning is difficult not to succumb if around solid clickback.

Corrections were made, the channel earned only a week after the restriction was removed. And here with new forces, new articles and buzz in the head of ideas. However, articles again suspiciously do not receive coverage and quickly stand on peace. I study colleagues. Many people also seem to be considered different. People withdraw some topic for universal discussion. And it happens.

I contact support and find out what is all right. Work on and the algorithm will select you readers in accordance with their interests. We continue to work. The result does not change. The base is already out of 14 articles, and I can see the algorithm as Susanin Poles. In no way he will not pick up the public according to their interests.

My blog was created as a platform of discussion of various topics that were affected on the Internet, press, YouTube or occur in real life, which we see with our own eyes every day. Either this introduces an automated zen system into a stupor, or it is not at all interesting to our public. But others read others!

And so I decided to contact this article, to my public, which from the part can appreciate my modest work and tell. Based on his experience, which is not so with the canal and how to fix everything. Write, write, write. How did Comrade Lenin did. And do not wait for the progress. Or leave this topic, where it was possible to discuss the alarming moments in our lives.

Maybe smart themes really do not enter the Zen or they have already taken out our people that they do not want to read them? I will be glad to know your opinion and advice on the merits.

Your author.

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