How we managed to avoid a fine, for alleged tinting machine

It’s nice when everything by law and find fault with the traffic police practically nothing. Recently went with my friend on a trip to Krasnodar. So coincided that he and I needed to solve my affairs in the capital of Kuban. The road was all in conversation. It is very rare now to talk to living, without a phone. Everything seemed to be discussed. And the past and looked into the future, which in our time is not predictable.

Already practically at the entrance to Krasnodar, we had the honor of being stopped road police. As a friend said, I know what bait they reacted. Our Mazda 6 was forced to slow down and wait for a person in shape. Look what will be now — my friend said, and I began to listen carefully, what can I hear so interesting here.

The friend did not wait for a police officer, and took the documents and went to meet them himself. Everything really was interesting. A policeman with a serious view began to show on the windows of our car, proving something and constantly nodding on the car. My friend, a long time tried to lead a response, also constantly pointing to his car.

As I understood, the whole problem was in tinting our car. I myself first did not pay attention to it. Well, there is a toning, as they say the owner of the car knows more visible, maybe he has for happiness to replenish the budget for 500 or 1000 rubles. But the paintings, as people jump from the glasses, the toning film surfaced in my memory as an unpleasant memory.

A friend more than one time led a dialogue with representatives of power, while still did not approach the car, did not open the door and removed the door with a slight movement that toned it. Only here I noticed that there were simple curtains on the glasses. The police had no questions no longer. We immediately went ahead to our goal. On the way, I began to ask a friend about what happened.

As he told, the police often stop his car hoping to write another fine. But to no avail. Everything changed when he bought the TROKOT domestic curtains on the auto. They looked out like real tinting, which is why they are misleading guards. But they are not prohibited. Easily inserted into the window and fixed on magnets.

You can even lower the glass and move without fear that midge and other animals will fall into the car. By the way, they also protect the salon well from dust. It’s nice, the fact that they are domestic production and quality is not worse than the same Chinese. As a result, we looked fine, the sun did not fall into the salon. We still have the sun on the Kuban yet.

Although I was a simple passenger in the car, but with you I want to share information about these car curtains, bringing out on the road. They are presented in the assortment at the Yandex Market Playground, so you can choose specifically under your car model. I think you will be satisfied and you will not have to treat the budget because of the next fines.