How will the introduction of 5G networks affect a person

Looking through the video in YouTube, often rejoiced when bloggers talked about the bad Internet in the US and besides dear. After all, we are not so.

In Russia, the Internet is one of the cheapest. Network 3G and 4G communications launched a large number of cities and small settlements. Even pensioners became involved in the global network, spending their time on social networks. Young people are so generally, like their heads, can not tear away the eyes from their charms, new iPhone. Our children almost all 24 hours spend next to the high-frequency emitting item. And the body is only formed and already receives a dose of destructive impact.

I want to discuss with you, my dear readers

Of course, the author of the roller made a self-confident statement who would prove that 5G chambers are harmless to receive 1,000,000 rubles. This is something out of a number — which of the men will be able to give birth to a child, will receive 1,000,000 dollars. Wireless statement. And the evidence is quite convinced, no one will get a win.

Yes, we have a weakly controlled by this area in Russia. Taking into account the corruption component in the country, to establish the power of radio emission with exceeding is quite likely. I heard these bikes for a long time. If you place two radio radiator in close proximity to each other, you can dry the forest that will be between them. Microwave effect.

In this case, who links climate change in the world and in our country in particular, drought, tornadoes, floods with enhanced development 3 and 4G networks? Cataclysms appear with regular frequency every year. And we all understand, it was not before. And if it was, then in moderate, not disastrous extent.

We have a mobile communications and oh, miracle in homes! Millions of Tarakanov told us «Goodbye!» And left satisfying and comfortable dwellings. What about people? From all sides of the Wi-Fi network. This is a root. I will write out the outbreak of cancer and cardiovascular diseases on poor food and ecology. It’s bad that our eyesight does not allow you to see that web that is spread around us. We will feel like flies in the radio network.

In the US, the corporations also push the ideas of the development of G-networks. But strange, the same bloggers say there are a lot of areas without mobile communications. And this is a technological advantage. And still interesting the fact, still in the States, whether it is a new or old building, cable television is stretched to it. Is it backwardness? Or simply, people do not want to be in the proximity of the receiving-transmission satellite plates?

Dear readers, let’s discuss this issue