I believe that now the best time to relax on the Black Sea

Already thought, it will not give us this year the world’s world seat is soaked in the sun, conveniently sitting on the seashore. Yes, lovers of warm countries and exotic seats will have to wait a bit. But those who, from year to year, were faithful to domestic holiday destinations, it will still be possible to sunbathe and swim on our

I asked my friend, now working on the coast, make a small photo selection. The heat that has now suddenly covered most of our country, made a good deed for lovers of a seafood. Sea water warmed up to +25 degrees. And now,

Since the streams of holidaymakers are very small, the staff of numerous bases, hotels as they have never started to go through their customers. It is now that if you want to relax a qualitatively, it’s time for high-quality rest. So far there is no «human anthill» on the beaches, you can not constrain yourself and others.

Hurricane, who recently swept along the coast, could not overshadow the rest. Rarely, but it happens and everything is restored in a short time. All who can now take advantage of the opportunity to relax on the Black Sea, will receive quality services. People living all the rest of the time, except for the summer, only on earnings with holidaymakers, frankly welcome to rest.

It will be interesting to talk about prices this year. The most reasonable prices are observed in resting places near the city of Tuapse. Accommodation in the private sector will cost you

Excursions by the group will cost you from 1500 rubles. Rates for other services will already be varied from the place to the place. So, the holiday of 2020 you can spend safe health and in our country, which is very promoted by the weather. Case for you!

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