I made an attempt to sell a leather cloak, to start a video blog for this money, and it helped the Zen blog

A year ago, maybe already a half as the video format appeared on Zen. Envy looked at how colleagues make successful steps on this field. And on Zen and on the air. But some of my attempts somehow move in this regard, they were not successful. It was very difficult to carve money on the camcorder or the same good smartphone.

The reason is simple. Who faced with this will understand me perfectly, what is a lying disabled person in the family. All money goes to maintain a person. And already residual residence. The purchased camera, one action, the other in the phone was terrible low pixelization, not more than 2-3. And the video was obtained the same base.

There was one way out. Somehow strain and paint the time for additional part-time work, strengthen the work on Yandex Zen or sell your excellent leather cloak. He began with the simplest. Sales things. Hundreds of ads on the streets of the city were announced, posted on the Internet, offered to buy acquaintances and friends.

Two months of effort and all no avail. The most basic reason for failures or not the desire to buy a raincoat, even at such a low price as 15,000 rubles, was not practicality. It is a weekend thing, and our men are mostly all moved on a car, a long raincoat will be very uncomfortable. Although in the car it can be removed.

Another reason, people simply do not have free money. How much I was offered for him, it was not even reasonable to consider, one and a half thousand and even a thousand. And the quality recognized everything, once he cost me 35,000 rubles. In beability of an entrepreneur. It was a long time and understandable, such things without depreciation are now standing even higher.

Leaving this idea, I decided to get to work with blogs on the Yandex Zen platform. I will not say that it was despair gesture. I always knew how the Zen rewards for the Stakhanovsky work. Just methodically began to write materials, without slowing the tempo. In an intense pace was able to conduct only one blog.

As a result, at the very beginning of the summer, he brought 30,000 rubles only in one month, next 50,000 rubles. The bar for which I wanted to sell the thing I overcame. What made it possible to solve many everyday problems, acquire equipment for a video blog. Now, work at work and new topics.

As you can see, there are no solvable problems. With any situation, you can find a way out. And Zen can help in this perfectly. Especially if you are also like me are attached to the house, you may be upgraded by a sick person. Do not consider this advertising platform, it’s just my personal experience.