I take in the supermarket Egyptian potatoes and wonder.

Generally, I like Egyptian potatoes. Grown as it should be in the sandy ground, which is only good. When I grown ordinary potatoes on my household plot in the Kuban, there was always a little sand when landed. In supermarkets, she very much resembles young Russian potatoes, with a tasty and crumbling cooking. If someone does not like, sorry, then tastes are different.

Now Egyptian potatoes are many in all networks of supermarkets. I buy, but every time I swear to myself or I am expressing the same buyers as I: «It is necessary, Kuban, and I eat imported Egyptian potatoes. Where is the praised replacement of imports?» Yes, for the power, it’s offensively and it is not clear how the product due to the thirty lands can cost on a par with domestic potatoes.

It was done to engage in journalistic investigation that such a «sabotage» was drawn. And that’s what I found out. It turns out everything depends on the volume of the batch and the constancy of the supply. Abroad, agricultural producers have long been united in cooperatives and jointly decide which products will plant, of which, varieties, how to process. All products of farmers are in one place is washed, packaged and sent to customers.

We also, farmers cannot provide stability of deliveries. So, if one farmer comes to his products of the network of supermarkets, then his party is enough for a day of work. Next, you need to enter into hundreds of contracts with other farmers who can have different potatoes in the variety and quality. Therefore, work is conducted either with agroholding, carrying out uninterrupted supplies and having their large storage warehouses, or with foreign suppliers.

From spring, when domestic agroholdings come true all products, procurement begin with the Egyptian potatoes. In this situation, it all depends on the state support of our small manufacturers. Assistance in the formation of cooperative associations with warehouses and sales logistics. Since embedding in the arrangement of warehouse logistics centers can reach 20,000,000 rubles, that is, as much as farmer receives a harvest.

It turns out, Egyptian potatoes we will eat many more years. And domestic products buy only in markets or small outlets. Now, I think our farmers just right to offer the government, it is more dense to engage in the problems of agriculture. It is impossible to hope for other people’s suppliers, ignoring their, domestic.

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