I tell how in 40 years it is right to choose jeans and what company

I have already been 49 years old, but I often come across when buying jeans with such a problem. Sellers stubbornly offer «Grandfather» variants of jeans models. Well, you know, such dark blue, such were popular at the dawn of restructuring. They were Indian or Soviet from cooperatives. Shape straight and slightly baggy and thread of bright orange color.

But I love Stretch jeans, a little narrowed. Light blue color. I had stretch and black. Dust and pollution from unexpected contact with surfaces on them are very visible. Therefore, for me they were only a branded weekend. For work or everyday socks are not suitable. The same grain black jeans, for light in the knees. After a frequent washing, bright places later begin to cast a yellow tint.

There are many different firms in the markets. Which, I tell you, little about what I tell. My friend still remembers good word jeans

There is already all the value in the label, and we were the Soviet generation for him were ready to give the soul. Jeans are still popular and even interesting young people. But on which manufacturers you can navigate? I began to deal with this question. And that’s what I found out, I tell about manufacturers firms.

Jeans firm

Another company from us, from the city of Paris. Jeans

For the price they are certainly more expensive, but this is true European quality. Want to be fashionable and wearing high-quality — you need jeans

For those who want to be fashionable, even at work, the firm will definitely fit

But as not strange, in stores are sold mainly by ordinary jeans, so let’s say my weekend. Check the manufacturer, jeans should be American, not Chinese.

Those who love the style of the 90s will fit Swedish jeans from

What to choose the colors of jeans, cut, decides each of us yourself. But do not forget that after 40, life just begins. And it is worth living for himself pleasure.