I tell how to control the «masters» budget of Russia

Our Russian officials love such an expression very much —

It’s hard thing. As once, during the time of the USSR, they mastered the virgin. The money was not merryano, but at least the result was visible. Now the development goes under the projects that we do not even know. Most recently, for example, we conducted the repair and reconstruction of the children’s library, a one-story building. Spent on all about 4,000,000 rubles. So much spent my comrade for the construction of a private two-story house from scratch.

Especially our officials love to master the budget aimed at special social objects. Reconstruction of historical objects, as well as sports, cosmic. Contractors come as Kamikadze, knowing that objects are controlled by the state still finish their way in court and in places are not so remote. And so one for one. As if the experience of predecessors does not teach them anything. One word — Kamikaze. They paid a rollback, and the money is lacking further.

And where the budget is fused at the end of the year to get as much or more from the new or more, everyone is known. It is worth reading these lists, which periodically appear in the press, where the costs of stationery is the most innocent expense. We will not consider the costs of all kinds of celebrations and acquiring car parks of steep foreign cars. The conversation to transfer to the domestic, now does not even rises.

The borders do not know, for example, with the acquisition of official housing. I understand, every person has a desire to live in a prestigious area, in elite accommodation. But when you are offered, without our knowledge, pay for our same taxes gorgeous life official. Millions of EDAC for 6-10. And after all, these are real cases, it is enough to look at the public procurement sites. There, in general, a lot of interesting things.

How to help the official not to master the official, but to distribute the budget? How to cut this twisted famous knot? And easy! Make so that the position of the official does not look like a reward, but as a duty in front of his people. We are all talking about the digitalization of our life. Particular attention is paid to the costs of citizens, digitalization of document management. And let’s first digitize our officials?

Yes, not the people, but officials. So that all expenses, relationships related and friendly, document management, solutions, everything happened only with digital control. Kumshots will disappear, the opportunity to give a bribe. Everything will be in sight. I wanted to transfer the state order for the fulfillment of my son, son-in-law, a friend of childhood. No! The computer will not allow. Or suppose the official would like to get a bribe, but will not work. All documents come in electronic form, without contacting subjects.

When a qualitative managing and decision makes a solution will earn, then you can talk about the digitalization of services and for ordinary citizens. Because by other, it looks like launching a computer without an operating system. It seems and everything works, but you will not do actions.