If such offenses occur in Moscow, what to talk about the regions

When to social activists

It is very surprising that in the capital of our country everything is lowered on samothek and questions from where youth appear for prohibited drinks and other items, no one is engaged. And it was especially surprised how law enforcement agencies belong to community appeals. I repeat once again, this is our capital, on which we are all equal. Rightly said, the creator of the movement Mikhail Lazutin, which in this case occurs in the regions.

What is happening in Moscow now, we have a distant past in our Kuban. By the way, write in the comments as yours in other regions. I heard in Central Russia all as in the capital. In the Krasnodar Territory, such a rampant, youth impunity has long stopped. They found out where they sell drinks, punished and very strictly. In addition, the patrol of the police and the Cossacks also had a positive effect on the situation.

Always when I watch the video of the blogger and the community of Mikhail Lazutina, it seems that only him and his team needed every time so, with a scandal forcing young people to fulfill the law and compliance with public order. The police sits warm, who is in the car, who is in the room, and the dark personalities right on the streets. Is it really all work, this time to get a salary once a month, and there at least a flood?

I do not know whether the blogs of law enforcement officers read such blogs. But I really want to say guys, you work in the capital of our Motherland and if you are inactive, then all regions are equal to you. You can be patriots of your country, and not dependents, just receiving salary? Mouse over, this is all a challenge will go to the whole country. And your employees in the regions will pick up the prick.

I remember how in the USSR we respected the police and every employee was for us a measure of compliance with the law, a serious and courageous man. Yes, now in the world Capital rules, but let’s not forget about your roots. I understand that young people are now stupid and in Moscow, it is mostly granted to herself. Because, parents are forced to work for days to ensure the family and the upbringing does not remain.

This is Moscow. In addition to working hours, it takes a lot of time to get to work or from work. In the regions a little different, but in general, everything is also. However, in the forces of parents to send children to the useful course of classes, hobbies, work. Otherwise, for what you then earn money. I apologize that today my article has the promise «shouting of the soul». Just children, our future, and Moscow pillars of our Russian civilization.

Write Friends in comments, do you have friends such situations in the regions? What do you think about this? By the way, I bring a video of a lacutin with a review specifically this situation. From you like, repost, subscription!